1. The areas enclosd by bold lines, are called “Countries.” Move the circles, vertically or horizontally, so each country contains only one circle.
  2. The numbers in the circles indicate how many cells they have to pass through. Circles without numbers may move any distance, but some of them do not move.
  3. The circles cannot cross the tracks of other circles and cannot go over other circles.

What is Satogaeri?

Satogaeri first saw the light of day on the pages with Omoro puzzles of “Nikoli Vol. 99” on 2002. The inventor is Z_H, who is making puzzles for now. This puzzle was published in Nikoli Vol. 100 and Vol. 101, too. It was not published after that on paper. We revived it on in 2013 after 11 years.

List of puzzles