1. Draw a line to make a single continuous loop in a direction.
  2. Lines pass through the centers of cells, horizontally, vertically, or turning. The loop cannot cross itself, branch off, or go through the same cell twice.
  3. The line must go through the cells with an arrow (black), and when you go along the arrows of the loop, that becomes the direction of all of the loop.
  4. The arrows in the black cells (arrows appear white) show that wind is blowing in the direction of the arrow till it reaches another black cell or the border. In cells where wind blows, the loop cannot advance against the wind.
  5. When the line enters a cell where the wind blows from the side, it must move at least one cell in that direction. When the line is blown like this (bent by a side wind) it cannot progress to or enter cells to hit the borders or enter black cells.

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