Memorial Gathering for Mr. Maki Kaji

On August 10th, 2021, Mr. Maki Kaji, the founder and former CEO at Nikoli, passed away.
We greatly appreciate your relationships with him.
On November 2nd, we hosted a memorial gathering for Mr. Kaji at a hotel in Tokyo.
We post the images of Mr. Kaji at this website.
If you would like to add your message about him, please feel free to leave it here.

Remember meeting of Maki Kaji photo

Messages for Maki Kaji

It was with deep sadness I read of the passing away of President Kaji Maki in our Hokkaido Newspaper. I have been associated with Nikoli for many years and have greatly appreciated all the support and succor provided by the numerous pencil puzzles created and made available through the agency of Nikoli and President Kaji. I wish to extend my condolences to the Kaji Maki family and all of Nikoli, hoping that the memory of the unparalleled achievements of President Maki will be kept alive and that Nikoli will prosper and develop.
I deeply apologize for not being able to attend the memorial event on November 2, and hereby express my condolences to all and everybody concerned,

Torkil Christensen, Sapporo, November 2, 2021

To our Olympian of joy, good will and great puzzle crafting, I miss you dearly!
For everyone gathered today to celebrate your life, your loss has been heart-breaking.Your spirit though lives on with Jimmy, Yoshi, Mari and all of your Nikoli friends and admirers around the world.
I hope to honor your radiant light which shined on everyone of all ages, your adventurous life and unique work and craftsmanship for many more decades!
Every time I enjoy a Sam Adams cold beer, it will remind me of our wonderful times together and all our shared laughter. ??
It has been a career and life highlight for me to work for you and your wonderful colleagues at Nikoli and share so many fun times and new puzzle books with you all.
I hope you are playing puzzles with all of my friends and family in the heavens!
Your kindness, sense of humor, humility, generosity and friendship will always be remembered and admired here
Rippa-Magnificent Maki! ??

John Willig

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