iPhone App “Sudoku — Official Nikoli” is now available!

The iPhone App “Sudoku — Official Nikoli” is now available.

200 Nikoli Sudoku puzzles (20 beginner, 60 easy, 60 medium, and 60 hard) are available.

Of these, up to 130 questions (20 beginner, 60 easy, 40 medium, and 10 hard) can be solved for free.
The remaining 70 questions (20 medium and 50 hard) are charged. You will be able to solve them by paying in the app.

The Android version is not yet released.
If you have an iPhone, please download it!

# iPhone App “Sudoku — Official Nikoli”

*The app is provided by Crisp Co.,Ltd.
Please contact Crisp Co.,Ltd. with any inquiries, including inquiries regarding problems.