Nikoli / Godfather of Sudoku Visits Singapore for the First Time

2013-10-11 11:32   #13100003

img13100003_1img13100003_2img13100003_3 Sudoku fans in Singapore invited Maki Kaji. Maki was very excited to visit Singapore for the first time and to learn how people were enjoying Sudoku in the country.

He gave workshops on how puzzles would enrich our lives along with Sudoku stories at Greendale Primary School and Nanyang Primary School.

Maki joined the welcome party later in the evening and shared the love of puzzles with Sudoku fans.

Nikoli / The Grade-Level Students Compete With Sudoku in Malaysia

2013-10-10 02:17   #13100002

img13100002_1img13100002_2 Malaysia Sudoku Association along with the Ministry of Education announced call for entries to Inter-School Sudoku Competition for the Grade-level. On Sept. 15h, 38 schools responded to the call and participated in the first Sudoku Competition ever held for the grade students.

Each school came with four students to compete the technique and skills of solving Sudoku. Nikoli joined the historic event by providing questions as a technical supporter. Maki Kaji, as a special guest, congratulated the winning students at the ceremony afterward.

As a national policy, the Malaysian Government is endorsing the use of Sudoku in math curriculum for the coming years. Inter-School Sudoku Competition for the grade-level will be held every year from now on.

Nikoli / Nikoli, “One Stop Shop For All Things Puzzles,” at Hyper Japan in London

2013-10-04 07:06   #13100001

img13100001_1 Hyper Japan, the UK's biggest J-Culture event, was held in London in July 26th-28th. The event has been introducing Japanese culture to people in UK since 2010. More than 48,000 visitors enjoyed and celebrated J-culture with traditional and contemporary exhibitors and performances in addition to food and drink.

Nikoli had its own booth and shared the joy of pencil puzzles. Nikoli created a newsletter, "The Nikoli Times" to inform about the Nikoli and the history of Sudoku.

You can find more info about Hyper Japan at
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