Nikoli / More Than 600 People Solved Nikoli Puzzle at Nikoli HQ in Tokyo

2013-06-05 02:59   #13060001

Nikoli joined the neighborhood event on May 24-26, 2013, "Monomachi," in Kachikura, Tokyo. "Monomachi" is a coin word of mono-goods and machi-town. The event featured craftsmen shops in the area. Nikoli's headquarters is located in Kuramae, an old town known for handicraft manufacturing in the Japanese history. While craftsmen carry the long tradition of skills, new generations of creators are revitalizing the town.

More than 370 craft shops, studios and companies exhibited their skills and products to visitors at their own locations. Nikoli opened its office to visitors who enjoyed the puzzle.
Nikoli's staff was greeted with exciting comments from the visitors:
"I have been a fan of Nikoli for a long time. I had no idea you are so close to my home!"
"There are a lot of great puzzles besides Sudoku."

More than 600 visitors stopped by Nikoli Studio during the 3-day events.
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