Nikoli / Sudoku & Edoku: People in New York Discovered Another possibility of Sudoku

2013-05-13 06:47   #13050001

img13050001_1img13050001_2img13050001_3 "What do you have new this year, Maki?," many visitors asked. Godfather of Sudoku joined the Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden on April 26th and 27th. It has been four consecutive years since Maki started sharing the dynamics of Nikoli puzzles. Maki was greeted with many familiar faces.

Nikoli presented its original "find errors" picture puzzles to the visitors. On a two-feet-wide picture puzzle, children and adults raced to find errors comparing two pictures. Another popular activity at the event was Edoku, a picture version of Sudoku, created by Osami Okamoto. Osami presented the ipad version of Edoku where you can solve Sudoku by drawing Sushi pictures and animals. Many children found so much joy drawing pictures while solving Sudoku. "I don't like numbers, so this picture Sudoku is perfect for me," one teenager said. A number of parents requested to receive online book sale and ipad application information in the future. “This would be such a fun way for children to learn logic without knowing it!,” a parent said.
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