Nikoli / More than 200 students in San Fransisco Learned Puzzle from Maki

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img12100002_1 Maki's visit to the Hoover Middle School and Lincoln High School in San Fransisco were welcomed by more than 200 students. Students were curious about the person who made the Sudoku craze in the world. Maki gave the total of five lectures on October 4th and 5th and taught how puzzle can be a great activity in developing a logical thinking skill, which can stay with the students for the rest of their lives.
Students had another layer of appreciation for Sudoku.

The school visit was organized by the Japan Society of Northern California.

Nikoli / Pre-K Students Learn Picture Sudoku with Maki

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img12100001_2 Godfather of Sudoku, Maki Kaji, visited a Montessori School in Brooklyn and gave a 30-min puzzle class.

The three to five years old students were glued to Maki while he was demonstrating wooden physical puzzles. All the students raised their hands to try the puzzle for themselves.
Maki told the children, "You can try to figure them out on your own. I will not give you answers today because puzzle is all about thinking and figuring out how you can solve! Thinking time is very important." Maki left some of physical puzzles at the school so that students can try them out.

Students were also fascinated when they were introduced to the picture Sudoku made of Origami including a fish, rabbit and dog. Among other things which were popular was a picture puzzle book, "Bee's Day" written by Mari Shimizu. Students enjoyed matching puzzle games.
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