Nikoli / Promoting Sudoku in Africa: Establishment of the Sudoku Association in Ivory Coast

2012-08-24 08:50   #12080002

img12080002_1img12080002_2 Sudoku has been spreading throughout the world. Africa is no exception. Mr. Alexander Tébily formed the Sudoku Association in Ivory Coast. “Our young organization aims to promote the practice of Sudoku in my country and throughout Africa,” he said. The association is planning to host a Sudoku event and inviting Maki as a special guest.

Nikoli donated 100 copies of Sudoku books as a sign of friendship.

Photos: Mr. Alexander Tébily and its members receive Nikoli’s books in their hands.

Nikoli / Latest Puzzle Trends in Malaysia: Sudoku and Slitherlink Direct from Japan

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img12080001_1img12080001_2 The Star, the English newspaper with the largest circulation in Malaysia, started publishing Nikoli’s Sudoku every single day on July 25th. In addition to the world craze Sudoku, the Star’s decision to commit itself in introducing quality logic puzzles extends to Slitherlink. Nikoli provides Slitherlink, another hit puzzle invented by Nikoli, to the Star for its Sunday edition every week.
The Star featured a story on Nikoli’s puzzle making in depth by interviewing not only Maki Kaji but Jimmy Goto, executive vice-president and Kei Nakata, sales planning department chief. Jimmy said in the article, “What we deeply care about is creating puzzles that offer an enjoyable diversion for people everywhere and at the same time, letting them exercise their brain…”
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