Nikoli / Nikoli Provided Prizes for the 7th Polish Sudoku Championship

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img12070003_1 The 7th Polish Sudoku Championship was held in Warshaw on April 22nd.
In the Final Round, 32 people competed for the first place. The defending champion, Jan Mrozowski, finished first and has kept the title for the last seven years.

As the prize for top ten people, Nikoli provided’s three-month free membership. Also all 32 people in the Final Round received Nikoli magazines.

Lukasz Bozykowski, Chairman of the event organizer, SFINKS Foundation noted that prize gifts from Nikoli were “met with very keen reaction from our contestants. They found its prizes attractive and for sure were more motivated to battle for higher positions.”

Nikoli / Nikoli’s Picture Sudoku and Shikaku Workshop: “Let’s Puzzle with Godfather of Sudoku” in San Francisco

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img12070002_1 As part of Arts and Science Day at Clarendon Elementary School in San Francisco, more than 40 students from 1st grade to 5th grade took Nikoli’s Puzzle Workshop on May 6th. Maki made it easier for children to try new logic puzzles by using pictures instead of numbers for Sudoku. Also, children enjoyed making squares and rectangles with Shikaku puzzle. Maki said, “some children think of logic puzzles as math. However, by letting them use symbols and shapes, they learn logical thinking visually and creatively while having fun. We are very excited we can provide a new way of logical thinking through our puzzle teaching resources.”

Nikoli / New Yorkers Are Challenged to Solve Shikaku and Hashi

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img12070001_1 More than 75,000 people visited Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Cherry Blossom Festival on April 28th and 29th. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed Nikoli’s Shikaku and Hashi for the first time. Twelve-years-old Kayla and Maya liked Shikaku because they thought it was easier than Sudoku. Judi who is an experienced Sudoku lover also said, “Shikaku is challenging and visual. It is fun to make shapes of squares.” Other experienced Sudoku solvers thought Hashi was more challenging and satisfying than Shikaku. It was a great opportunity to introduce Sudoku for children and adults who have not tried yet. Victoria, Lawrence and Norine, a family purchased Sudoku to go by Workman to share and spend time together. The Monster Book of Logic Puzzles and Sudoku by Sterling were also popular for those who liked Shikaku and Hashi.
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