Nikoli / Nikoli / Nikoli Sudoku Challenge: Team Tournament at the Cherry Blossom Festival

2012-04-27 03:47   #12040001

img12040001_1 More than 75,000 people came to the 52nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. Nikoli gave Sudoku Challenge Tournament on stage and five teams of pairs from the audience competed the solving time on stage. Maki gave winners Nikoli's original Sudoku t-shirts. Visitors who came two years in a row said this year’s Sudoku challenge as a team was much more entertaining. Dan, in the audience, said, “I race solving Sudoku with my daughter. I enjoy it very much.”

Nikoli / Nikoli / American High School Students Created their First Japanese Crossword with Maki

2012-04-27 03:40   #12040002

img12040002_1 Maki Kaji, celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Japan Bowl, a Japanese language national championship for American high school students. Maki has been invited as a special judge by the organizer for the last five years. During the entertainment session, Maki shared the making of a Japanese crossword in Nikoli way with more than 200 students. Students came up with words such as koibito (lover), kokuhaku (tell someone how you feel) and tomodachi (friend). Maki then helped students create a story like, “I wanted to be a lover with her and told her how I felt. She rejected me but we ended up as a friend.” Maki said creating puzzles is fun when you can put one’s personality with a sense of humor.
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