Nikoli / Workman Published Another Nikoli Book: the Big Book of Visual Sudoku

2011-10-07 00:39   #11100001

img11100001_1 Inspired by Nikoli’s original Sudoku t-shirts, Workman publisher came up with a bold idea of creating Sudoku books with using only symbols and pictures instead of numbers. Nikoli’s original puzzles are expressed in a unique and dynamic way.

Instead of traditional numbers, the boxes are filled by: clock faces, with the hands pointing from one o’clock to nine o’clock; dominoes, with dots to fill in; box score graphics from a baseball game (players one through nine, of course); plus Roman numerals, playing cards, human hands signing numbers, Japanese characters, and more.

Maki said in the opening text of the book that “the editors at Nikoli have a long tradition of crafting all Sudoku puzzles by hand—we believe it is the best way to create Sudoku, because it offers the best experience to the solver. In Japan, every bit of feedback from our solvers is considered as we constantly work to refine Sudoku in subtle ways (or innovate in more obvious ways—keep flipping through the pages of this book and you’ll see!)—and that commitment, I believe, is one of the reasons why Japanese solvers prefer Sudoku by Nikoli.”
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