Nikoli / Maki Shared the Joy of Puzzles with People in Dallas

2011-06-02 21:29   #11060002

img11060002_1 The event in Dallas, “An Afternoon of Sudoku with Maki Kaji,” attracted more than 50 people on May 8. Maki helped the audience stretch their mind by sharing the joy of creating a puzzle. After finishing mini Sudoku contests, teenagers asked Maki about how the online platform would changed the growth of logic puzzles. Maki answered that certain types of Nikoli’s original puzzles including Akari work great on the online or cellphone platforms. He, however, emphasized that the paper version of puzzles will stay with us for a long time. He quoted a lady who was taking care of a hospitalized mother: “I take care of my mother all day long in a hospital. After she goes to sleep, I open Nikoli’s puzzle book and play Sudoku. That is the only time I can forget that I am in the hospital.”

Nikoli / Nikoli Raised More Than $1000 at the Cincinnati Sakura Matsuri Event

2011-06-02 11:14   #11060001

img11060001_1 More than 120 people gathered for Sakura Matsuri organized by Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati on May 2. As part of the Japan Relief efforts, Nikoli donated its original Sudoku books, and Maki gave a speech and workshop on puzzles. A number of people purchased the books as a gift for Mothers’ day. Nikoli helped raise more than $1000 for the Japan Relief. Among other sponsors, Toyota Motor & Manufacturing was the Platinum sponsor. Asahi donated 100 cases of beer for raffle drawing.
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