Nikoli / Malaysia Sudoku Society Raised 88,000 yen for the Japan Relief

2011-03-30 21:43   #11030001

img11030001_1 Maki joined a Sudoku event in Malaysia as a special guest of Malaysia Sudoku Society on March 19th. More than 150 people atteneded the Sudoku contest, the workshops on how to solve the advanced Sudoku and the making of Sudoku from 2-5pm. Responding to people's concern toward the Japan's earthquakes and nuclear plants, Maki said, "Thank you for your concern. I believe Japan recovers to become stronger as a nation." People made the total of 88,000 yen donation to the Japan Relief after Maki's two-hour lecture, "Sudoku Behind & Behind." Maki autographed Nikoli's books for people who made donation. The donation will go to the people affected in the disaster through the Red Cross. Maki was impressed with the passion of people in Malaysia, who are trying to build a puzzle culture through the popularity of Sudoku in their country.

Photos by Lim
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