Nikoli / Mensa in England is Now Playing Nikoli's Original Puzzles

2010-08-04 01:19   #10080001

Followed by Mensa in Utah, Mensa group in England has featured Nikoli puzzles in its newsletter, Enigma.Mr. Elliott Line introduced Nikoli's four original puzzles, Nurikabe, Masyu, Heyawake and Akari to the members of the Puzzle Special Interest Group ("PuzzleSIG") of British Mensa. With regard to Nurikabe, Mr. Line said "the visual element of the final 'map' adds to the satisfaction of the solution is a way that the Sudoku array of numbers cannot."
According to Mr. Line, around 400 members of Mensa who are puzzle enthusiasts receive the newsletter five times a year, and the Nikoli puzzles series started in June 2009, and is still continuing.

Enigma Newsletter with Nikoli puzzles in PDF
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