Nikoli / Nikoli Sudoku Brings Joy to People in Africa

2010-07-16 12:08   #10070002

img10070002_1 Nikoli has been involved with United Nation's Millennium Village Project since 2009 by donating Sudoku books. The project supports over 80 villages in ten African countries below the Sahara Desert, which are considered the poorest region in the world. Millennium Promise Japan as a liaison, Nikoli donated more than 3000 Sudoku books to Uganda, Mozanbique, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. It has been well received due to the fact that Sudoku does not have a language barrier and can be played by anyone. Nikoli plans to donate Sudoku books to Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay and Madagascar through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) besides the Millennium Village.

Nikoli / Nikoli Sudoku For Next Generation's Doctors

2010-07-02 13:14   #10070001

The medical department at Kochi University came up with a unique way to test the problem-solving skills of future medical students. The school used Nikoli's Sudoku as part of its college entrance examination this year. It is called "Problem Solving Ability Test," and one Sudoku problem from Pencil Puzzle Book 94 "Sudoku 19" was used for this purpose. Students were tested to figure out numbers in each of six boxes. A six-page Sudoku problem was followed by serious medical questions such as X-ray pictures to identify disease.
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