Nikoli / The History of Sudoku Began as a Coincidence 30 Years Ago

2015-06-02 03:34   #15060001

img15060001_1 Japan Foreign Policy Forum featured an article about Nikoli this month. The article was originally published in Nikkei Shimbun Press and translated for the forum. It discusses how Sudoku started and evolved over the years to the point that it was loved and embraced around the globe. Maki Kaji, the godfather of Sudoku, shared his experience on his visit to Mozambique. "When I explained sudoku at a university in Mozambique, where there are apparently many people who dislike numbers, an instructor told me that he was moved, when he saw all of his students writing down numbers during class for the first time."

Nikoli is now ready to take a global initiative in the puzzle world. Maki shared his vision of opening a puzzle retail store in New York.  "Puzzles are a culture and can also be a lifestyle. Based on this belief, I intend to spread the joy of puzzles around the world," Maki said.

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