Nikoli / Nikoli Puzzles at Madison Square Kids Fest in New York

2014-11-06 04:19   #14110001

img14110001_1img14110001_2img14110001_3 More than 300 New York families were introduced to Nikoli’s original puzzles on October 18th, 2014. Madison Square Park Conservatory organizes the events for children from crafts activities, music to soccer games, which draws more than 10,000 people twice a year. Nikoli was invited to present its unique puzzles to the visitors this fall.

Dustin, a father of five-year-old Renna, said, “She likes math puzzles very much. Shikaku is fun, and we would like to try more online.” Many families inquired if Nikoli has a studio to teach logic puzzles to children.

Mari Shimizu, the co-founder of Nikoli, taught puzzles to children. “We saw younger children more than we expected. Dot to Dot and finding errors puzzles were the most popular ones among them. The ring and chain was well received by both children and adults. Everyone was open-minded and tried our puzzles for the first time. Many adults took puzzle sheets home. I am grateful for that interest and curiosity.”