Nikoli / Young Ambassadors of Sudoku from Singapore

2014-09-02 02:49   #14090001

img14090001_1 Along with Mr. Noel, a teacher at Raffles Institution, ten high school students visited Nikoli in Tokyo on August 27th, 2014. They planned a school trip to Japan out of interests in Japanese mathematics, Wasan and Sangaku. Ten students who love Sudoku planned a visit to Nikoli, a company started by Godfather of Sudoku, Maki Kaji, at the end of their two-week long trip.

Maki gave the group a tour of how puzzles are made and published. Kei Nakata in Nikoli's editorial division gave a workshop on how to make Sudoku. The students got many of hard-to-find Nikoli's Sudoku books as souvenirs.