Nikoli / Puzzle Making with 6th Grade Students

2015-10-23 07:55   #15100002

img15100002_1img15100002_2 February 6, 2015-Nikoli's CEO, Maki Kaji and his staff visited the sixth grade at the Kuramae Elementary School, which is located across the street from its HQ. Children learned not only the solving aspect of Sudoku and crossword but also the making aspect with which they enjoyed very much.

Nikoli / Chinese Character Puzzles at 22nd Japan Bowl

2014-04-27 16:28   #14040001

img14040001_1img14040001_2 More than 220 students from 37 high schools in the US gathered to be part of the 22nd Japan Bowl, National Japanese Language & Culture Competition for High School Students. Currently approximately 60,000 high school students in the US have chosen to study Japanese as their foreign language.

Nikoli was invited to give a cultural workshop to the Japan Bowl participants. Maki Kaji, Godfather of Sudoku, shared his passion of puzzles by explaining the background history of Sudoku and Kakuro, another worldwide-spread puzzle Nikoli created. Maki said, "Ka of Kakuro means addition. Kuro means crossword. This is the number version of crossword puzzle." Students were intrigued by how Japanese create new words by combining more than two words as shown in the puzzle names, Sudoku and Kakuro.

Maki wrote down ten Chinese characters of Hi, which means "day" on the whiteboard. "Add only one stroke and create another character," he said. It was not only the exercise of Japanese language, but also it was a puzzle question. The audience was intrigued with the creativity of the puzzle.

Nikoli / Puzzling Time at LA's Best Afterschool Program

2014-03-06 04:04   #14030001

img14030001_1img14030001_2img14030001_3 More than 1000 elementary schools in Los Angeles participate in LA's Best program providing after school care program for mid to low income families in the area. Nikoli supported the program at
Compton Avenue Elementary School where more than 120 students from five to ten years old. Students welcomed Maki Kaji for the first time and were excited to try PictureDoku, the picture version of Sudoku. Maki used an apple, banana and grape to create 3 x 3 cells.

Instead of giving a correct answer, Maki emphasized the importance of wondering in our lives.
He said, "The more question marks you have in your daily life, the more you can get excited when you find out the answer to your questions. I think the person with more question marks is cool."
Maki did not give the answer to puzzles he presented. "Once you know the answer, it is not a puzzle anymore. You stop thinking process. So please enjoy the thinking part of solving a puzzle."