Nikoli / The 6th Malaysian Sudoku Championship Attracted More Than 195 Participants.

2015-12-27 02:43   #15120001

img15120001_1img15120001_2 The Malaysia Sudoku Society held the 6th Malaysia Sudoku Championship on Dec. 13th, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.

From 5 years old to 77 years old, 195 people competed this year. The championship was done in four divisions based on the age groups.
Nikoli once again sponsored the championship by crafting puzzle questions and offering prize fees.

Jimmy Goto, Vice President at Nikoli, made a speech to conclude the championship. "Beyond politics, beyond religion, man and woman, young and old, Every people can enjoy Sudoku. It's a wonderful cultural heritage of humanity," he said.

Nikoli / Monomachi: Let’s Celebrate Craftsmanship!

2015-10-23 07:58   #15100004

img15100004_1img15100004_2 May 22, 2015-More than 200 local companies in Kachikura, the south of Taito-ku where Nikoli's HQ is located, joined "Monomachi" event in May, 2015. "Monomachi" refers to the town of craftsmanship. From companies, retail shops, craftsmen to food establishment, the whole town got together for the three-day event. This year was the 7th year, and it was called "Monomachi Seven," which drew more visitors. Nikoli reopened its Nikoli Biyori shop during the event.

Nikoli / Interactive Puzzle Space at Mainichi Media Café

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img15100003_1 March 27, 2015-Mainici Daily Press, one of the major newspapers in Japan, organized the event called "The Learning Festival: Spring 2015" at the Mainichi Media Cafe/Mainichi Hall of its HQ on March 28, 2015.
More than 500 families participated and enjoyed many different types of activities throughout the day. Nikoli organized a booth of an interactive puzzle space where many children enjoyed Sudoku, crossword, error finding puzzles.