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"Puzzle Communication Nikoli Vol.175," "Cho-Gekikara (Really, really hard) Sudoku 9" and "Nankan (Hard) Sudoku 9" are now on sale.

nikoli is the most advanced pencil puzzle magazine in Japan. The first issue was published in August, 1980.
"Cho-Gekikara (Really, really hard) Sudoku" contains 91 sudoku puzzles.
"Nankan (Hard) Sudoku" contains 105 sudoku puzzles.
All our magazines and books are available at the "nikoli book shop" page.

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A lot of people enjoy solving puzzles every day to escape the pressures of the world. With Nikoli logic puzzles you need just paper, pencil, and an active mind, no expensive programs or training......

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What is Nikoli?

The first puzzle magazine in Japan was published in August, 1980, this magazine was "Nikoli." So, yes, we are the pioneers in this field in Japan. Nikoli is now the company "NIKOLI Co., Ltd."

Since that first magazine, we have been publishing puzzle magazines and books and supplying original puzzles to other publications (newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines). We are constantly studying and inventing new puzzles and have created over 200 kinds of original puzzles.

We confidently assure you that among Japanese puzzle solvers, Nikoli stands for fantastic puzzles.