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"Sudoku by Nikoli" is the application by Nikoli, the origin of SUDOKU fever.

We have worked hard to develop the application, and with its original Android-like interface it has a great feel, solving is smooth and pleasant.

"Easy" and "Medium" contain 20 puzzles, and "Hard" contains 16 puzzles.

If you are not yet sure you wish to purchase apps, try out "Sudoku by Nikoli Lite," with free puzzles. We are sure you will enjoy them.

* Some devices will not let our apps work properly. If you have not used our apps on your device before, first try out the free puzzles on "Sudoku by Nikoli Lite."

Sudoku by Nikoli

lite easy medium hard
Lite easy 01 medium 01 hard 01
easy 02 medium 02 hard 02
easy 03 medium 03 hard 03
easy 04 medium 04 hard 04
easy 05 medium 05 hard 05
easy 06 medium 06 hard 06 New
easy 07 medium 07
easy 08 medium 08
easy 09 medium 09
easy 10 medium 10
easy 11 medium 11
easy 12 medium 12
easy 13 medium 13
easy 14 medium 14
easy 15 medium 15
easy 16 medium 16
easy 17 New medium 17 New

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Please contact us using the email form at the "Inquiries about Android page."

About Nikoli

The first puzzle magazine in Japan was published in August, 1980, this magazine was "Nikoli." So, yes, we are the pioneers in this field in Japan. Nikoli is now the company "NIKOLI Co., Ltd.."

We publish a wide variety of puzzle books and magazines, and also supply original puzzles for newspapers, magazines, and video games.

The Nikoli internet site is "" where you can play 12 different kinds of puzzles on your computer. Please visit "" and enjoy our original puzzles.

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